Rant, Regroup… Recreate


This is neither my cat, nor my picture. I don't really like felines, but the picture shows a great depiction of how I currently feel.


So initially, this section of my blog was supposed to express how the introduction to WUN has opened a gateway to enhancements within my financial perception.

Somehow, I found myself sticking random articles in here. Not too many, but one, two many.

Enough to make me question: “Why exactly was I doing that again?”…and “What exactly do I want my readers to take from this?”

Two days ago, the thought of deleting the original posts came to mind, but I decided I’m keeping them.

I like to keep record of my [progressions].

I’ll be the author of all future postings to this section because doing anything less than is plain laziness on my part.

This should be interesting. My transition. Your entertainment.

…That wasn’t to bad of a rant at all, but  my title’s pretty catchy. I’m keeping it.


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