When [People] Trust You…

Quick Share: I heard this quote first from Haziq Ali, but it was originally stated by Zig Ziglar…

“When people like you, they’ll listen to you. When they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”

Accept my apology in regards to the late posting of the latest Playback #. It has been a productive week, for me!

Nonetheless, I am really excited to talk about this call.

For those of You that tuned in…

Remember when our special guest spoke about the 5 Opportunities of Adversity?

Those were phenomenal.

Can’t forget about those 7 keys to being successful as a rug dealer(no typos by the way). Ha!

For those that missed it…

No worries… There’s another opportunity:


Type in Access Code, then #sign for the latest call.

Listen, these aren’t necessarily Top Secrets, but sometimes you need someone to help point them out for you. You won’t regret hearing this breakdown.

Quick Question for you: How many bored/disengaged people do you have in your circle?


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