Somebody’s Playing A Joke

Sometimes I feel like somebody’s playing a joke on me…

This always happens around the most crucial of times, yet I still find it a little amusing.

Confusing, but amusing.

Last week it came to my attention that I would need some extra funds by the end of this week.

I haven’t told anyone that I need it… until now of course. This doesn’t count.

Now, though this [project] is something I can live without, I really want everything to work itself out.

Realistically, coming up with that sum of money, in such a short time frame, seems… unrealistic.

So, I did what I normally do in times of distress, and I prayed about the situation.

I prayed that if it was God’s will for me to have the means to fund this [project], I would receive it before the deadline.

Fast forward.

Yesterday, as I was helping a family member pack for a trip, they handed me an envelope. One of those envelopes with the ‘Bank of America’ title on it.


View works cited for location of original image

The brief convo during this transfer went like this:

“Staci, could you hold on to this until I get back?”

{Puzzled look}

“It’s [insert exact amount I need here]. I don’t want to travel with this much cash on me.”

“Okay. Sure. No Problem.”

“Oh, and my car keys too.”

Without waiting for an answer she hands the keys over, and continues packing.

Later, as I’m searching for a secret hiding place to keep both the key and the envelope, I begin to laugh to myself.

The exact amount had been placed in my hand, but it wasn’t meant for my personal use…

I think to myself, “What was the purpose of this?” I smile.

Somebody’s playing a joke on me…

Works Cited:

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