Mommies Looking For Extra Income…

Whether you’re a new mommy, a mommy-veteran, single, or married, a little extra income always comes in handy to contribute towards the household and yourself. However, creating a balance between your presence at home and earning those funds can be a bit of a struggle.


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My advice: Find a legitimate network marketing company to join.

What In It For You?

Find a company whose products and services you see value in, as well as the compensation plan. This way, you won’t regret any future investments.

Getting involved in network marketing can lead to opportunity for:

  • Residual income- No more exchanging your time for wages and living paycheck-to-paycheck.
  • Financial Freedom- Have all of your financial NEEDS/WANTS met and still have money leftover.
  • Time Freedom- Spend more time doing what you love with the people you love.
  • A Greater Network- building healthy relationships will follow you to every opportunity you seek. You never know who you could  help or who could help you.
  • Your Own Business- Gaining the entrepreneurial mindset in combination with the aforementioned GAINS can lead to expansion of your skill set.


Now, I understand that the industry has a negative rap sheet, but it has also been an amazing life-changer for millions of people. Apparently, I am not the only one who feels this way. See for yourself: Stay A Stay At Home MOM by Rayven Perkins

Figuring out who’s legit can be a job in itself with everyone trying to entice you with their company’s confusing compensation plan and above average products.

That is why it is so important to get connected with someone who has experience within any company of your interest. Whether your associate has been involved for years and has earned the ranks of a top earner, or has just gotten started and is building their way to the top. ASK QUESTIONS. Qualifying your future business partner/team member is never a bad thing. Besides, you’ll need the right answers to know how to benefit from these numbers…

The industry of Network Marketing ranked #1 with $167 BILLION in profit, and that was only from  2012. Check out the numbers in 2014.


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Question: What were you doing in 2012? What are you doing now, in 2014? You are missing out if you’re not involved in network marketing to some degree.

My Thoughts

I don’t know which is more disturbing:

The idea that 82% of women are in the network marketing industry, but men are the top earners.


On a more personal note, when I was a baby, both my parents were apart of Primerica – which is still on this list – and the excuse they gave for quitting was that “it didn’t work”.

Now, if I may…

Fact #1: Primerica was founded on February 10th, 1977.

Fact #2: My parents joined the company as IBOs in the early 90s.

Fact #3: My parents quit Primerica in the mid-90s.

Fact #4: In 2014, Primerica ranks NUMBER 11 on this list!


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Both of my parents are beautiful people, and I’m sure that the ladies who did not/have not become top earners are as well.


Did the company not work, or did [they] not work hard enough?

My point is: They were not less than anyone who has found success in this industry, and neither are you. Separate yourself from the excuse-makers, and place yourself in the winner’s circle.


*Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Primerica.

Get Connected

Imagine, if you teamed up with other mommies and myself, all seeking financial freedom AND time freedom. Being a successful mother will never go out of style and neither will the need or want for extra income. Our team’s growth would continue to reach greater heights simply through word-of-mouth. In order to receive something you’ve never had before, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done before.

I wouldn’t give an idea to alleviate your financial struggles without directing you to the perfect *solution! If you are interested in an opportunity that doesn’t require a large investment, or purchasing inventory for distribution…LEARN

Make sure to leave a comment below to have me send you the access code to the link posted above.


Remember, you are highly favored, and greatness is upon you because greatness is within you!





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